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Elizabeth Rosa

Objective: My primary goal is not only to gain experience in the journalism field, but also to provide my skills as an asset to your organization.


Certifications: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint

Skills: creative, responsible, creative thinking


Campus Publications | Times-Delphic and DrakeMag By picking up and writing stories for the newspaper (The Times-Delphic) and magazine (DrakeMag) on campus, I have gained skills of timelessness, good interviewing habits, organizational skills, and strong writing skills.

Adams Leadership Institute | 2022-present Upon entering college, I was accepted into the Adams Leadership Institute. This prestigious organization only admits a select few each year and teaches students to use their natural skills to become successful leaders. Through the competition of the first stage of Adams I, I am already better able to apply my skills into leadership positions.

Personal Responsibility | Balancing finances, college, work, etc. As a first-generation, lower-class student, I gained a lot of skills like time-management, stress-management, assertiveness, speaking and organizational skills through being held as the sole person responsible for getting to college, paying for college, and completing college. It has made me an independent and responsible person able to take on challenges and overcome them.


Drake University | Des Moines, IA Bachelor of Arts in Journalism | Magazine & Brand Media and Multimedia Journalism | Graduating Class of 2025

Iowa Central Community College | Fort Dodge, IA Obtained 30 credits | dual credit complete while in high school | 2020-2022

Pocahontas Area High School | Pocahontas, IA High School Diploma | Graduating Class of 2022 | President’s Award for Educational Excellence | Cumulative Weighted GPA of 3.9