Things in My Dorm That Just Make Sense

The broken couch

My roommate, Mackenzie, purchased this couch right before the start of our freshman year. Now nearly a year and a half later, it’s still together, but just barely. The couch has been through a lot: explicit activities of a friend and her special friend, wrestling, jumping, using it as a stool, and just general functions of not using a couch for its intended purpose. Now, the left side is caved in and the middle support is broken, held up by a cookie tin. Why would we buy a new one if the old one isn’t (completely) broken?

My desk

My provided desk has never held neither a singular piece of schoolwork nor have I ever sat in my chair to do more than put on a pair of shoes. And, believe it or not, this isn’t even the worst its ever been––in fact, considering my track record, this is fairly clean. Of the random assortment of items on my desk you can typically find a digital camera as old as me, hair rollers, letters from my little sisters, and allergy medicine. I know where everything is, so is it truly disorganized?

Caution tape decor

“Where did you find that lovely decor?” you may ask. Well, it’s all thanks to my roommate, Livy, and the 2023 Drake Relays. On the way back to the dorms after typical relays events, we noticed loose caution tape caught on a tree. Naturally, we had to grab it, caution tape and contraband of the sorts is like gold to college students. Now it has found its home in our living room.

GK lobby garbage

My roommate, Livy, is known for some wild stories and this specific garbage can is a reminder of one of those nights. Livy came back from a rough night and was escorted to our room by a helpful individual aiding with the Safe Ride. To ensure, she didn’t get sick, they gave her a garbage can from the Goodwin-Kirk lobby and it has been in our room ever since.

The print under my bed

Oh, the Fight Club print that lives under my bed. It’s been here since August, yet I haven’t been bothered to hang it up; it waits under my bed. It’s sick. The artwork is really cool and I love Fight Club both as a movie and book, so it’s not fair that its potential is wasted just sitting under my bed. I got the print over the summer at a garage sale. It was a steal. For five dollars, I got not just a sick print, but also five Green Day CDs. Will it ever make its way to the wall, only time will tell.

It’s not a candy tin

It once held candy, but now it holds my cheap melatonin. The alien tin held sour apple candies and was a gift in my Christmas stocking from Santa Claus. Instead of discarding the tin, I decided to repurpose it as an interesting, quirky way to hold my sleep meds.

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