The Much Needed Explanations for the Pictures on My Walls

Upon walking into my room in my Goodwin Kirk dorm room, you are immediately drawn to the many photos I have stuck to the wall. Upon further exploration and a closer look, they are strange: a very interesting array of photos and posters to be seen.

1. Capitol Visit

On the wall next to my bed, you will find this picture nestled, surrounded among band posters. Last April, my dad, my mom, and I took a tour of the Iowa State Capitol with a friend of my dad’s who works there. While my dad was busy chatting away, my mom and I decided to explore on our own. This was the result. My mom’s wish is that I gave her more warning before snapping the photo; mine is that I had spit that gum out.

2. That’s So Fetch!

This is my 15-year-old brother, Lucas. And, that is, of course, a Mean Girls shirt. My mom found the shirt thrifting and couldn’t pass up the pop culture masterpiece. She had originally picked it up with intentions of giving it right to me, but I was here in Des Moines. So, instead, my brother took it upon himself to become Pomeroy, Iowa‘s Next Top Model. Sad thing is: I’m not exactly sure what happened or where that shirt is.

3. Letter from a Friend

Lauren is my childhood friend. She is the friendship I have had and maintained the longest: from preschool to now. After graduating high school, Lauren decided to join the National Guard. During her boot camp, she wrote me letters and even sent me this photo. She hates it, but I think it’s a funny, little sentiment. My roommate, Livy, has commented about how funny the photo seems; comparing it to that which lovers would send to each other in times of war.

4. Dad, the Redeemer

I am by no means very tech savvy at all. But, I do know a thing or two about trashy and lazy ways to photoshop quickly. This is a picture of Jesus that I photoshopped my dad’s face over. My dad is by no means a saint or a savior, it’s ironic. My whole family finds it quite humorous and the people that visit my room are often confused why I would have such a picture. Not pictured are the countless other pictures where I have photoshopped my father, including, but not limited to: Woodstock ’99, Fight Club, and Barbie Fairytopia.

There are plenty more photos to explain but I am at my word limit, so you’ll just have to come up with explanations for yourself.

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