(Some of) The Weirdest Pictures on My Camera Roll

1. Toyland!!

During fall break, I was unable to go home. However, my parents took a day trip to Des Moines to visit me on the Saturday of fall break. My dad, being the small town middle-aged man he is, wanted to go Fleet Farm. Since the holiday season is approaching, Fleet Farm had their coveted “Toyland” set up. Naturally being the mature adults we are, my dad and I could not resist the opportunity to snap a photo with the prop designed for small children.

2. Make Some Noise

My little sister, Brooke, was a killjoy for Halloween two years ago. I am hesitant to admit, but I went through an “emo” phase in high school, and, of course, I was obsessed with My Chemical Romance. My sister, knowing nothing about the band, their music, or the lore, wanted to be the character referenced to as “The Girl” from MCR’s music video “Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na).” My mom and I worked together to create the vest and boom box for the outfit; we utilized a wig from a Bob Ross costume to complete the look.

3. Burnt

My family and I love camping; it is a great opportunity to be outside and enjoy the company of family, friends, and fellow campers. This photo is from our first camping trip of the 2023 season. After a long winter, we were ready to soak up some sun, go hiking, and lounge around the campfire. However, my sister’s body just wasn’t quite adjusted to the sun after winter, and got one of the worst sunburns of her life. (The sock burn/tan line stayed all summer.)

4. Me-ouch

My family’s cat, Chip, is generally not the nicest pet. He hates being bothered and being as cute as he is, he gets a lot of unwanted attention. This photo is funny, in particular, because of Chip’s expression. The picture was taken on my digital camera, and if you know anything about digital cameras, they can be a tad bit laggy. I caught Chip mid sneeze, so he looks a little goofy. It’s ok though, owning the bad photo of him almost justifies the fact that he won’t cuddle with me.

5. Dog or boy?

My dad and brother, on a trip to Des Moines to complete a task for my brother’s FFA project, decided to drop by Drake University to visit me. My brother had never been on campus before, so I decided to give the two a mini tour. We visited all the usual spots: my room, Starbucks, beautiful Meredith hall, and, of course, the library. My dad is a funny man (don’t let him know I said that) and he decided to encourage my brother to lay in Griff’s dog bed. Sorry to everyone trying to study that had to witness my 15 year old brother squeeze into a dog bed.

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