About Me

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Rosa and I am currently a sophomore student at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. I am a double major in Magazine & Brand Media and Multimedia Journalism. Although I am set on working in the journalism career field, I am still unsure what job I would like to pursue after graduation.

Currently, I find myself leaning towards the brand media side of journalism. I have always thought of brand media as the “fun side” of advertising. It allows for creativity and versatility while representing and creating a brand’s image.

At Drake, I am involved heavily with student publications. I am currently writing a story for DrakeMag, the campus’s lifestyle magazine, about how young adults can shop sustainably on a budget. I have also written for the Times-Delphic which is Drake’s student newspaper.

I am also a member of the Adams Leadership Institute at Drake University which “seeks to empower students toward responsible and meaningful leadership by facilitating opportunities for intentional learning, skill development, and self-reflection.” (https://www.drake.edu/leadershipinstitute/)

My hometown is Pomeroy, IA, which is located in the Northwestern part of the state. Pomeroy is an extremely small town with just over 500 residents. I had a fairly stereotypical small town Iowa experience, my hometown was so small that I had to commute to school every day. I graduated from Pocahontas Area High School located in Pocahontas, IA. My graduating class was a little over 60 people. In high school I was involved in several extracurriculars like cheerleading and FFA.

For much of high school, I thought I would come to college and major in something business related. I took a lot of accounting and business management classes, but it always felt like such a chore. I never found much enjoyment in plugging in numbers and tracking trends. I was good at it but I hated it.

Since my high school was so small, the district wasn’t able to provide a lot of the activities bigger schools are able to. As a result, I wasn’t given the same opportunities as many students my age attending different schools, one these opportunities were anything journalism or media related.

I never thought much about journalism until I was required to take a career development class my junior year of high school. We all were required to take quizzes and research careers that would be of interest to us. I got a lot of management and media related jobs and decided it was worth a shot.

With absolutely no journalism experience or knowledge at all, I decided to make it my major and it was ultimately the reason I decided to attend Drake over other universities.